’s historic plaque featured in WDSU TV News

Founder Sandy Rosenthal is featured in this WDSU TV news story the City of New Orleans plans to use $2.4 billion in FEMA money awarded to improve infrastructure and streets damaged in August of 2005 when the federal levees broke.

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Ten years ago, unmasked the Corps of Engineers online attack campaign

A former federal prosecutor who worked for US Attorney Jim Letten was recently disbarred for comments he made online using an alias in New Orleans.

Sal Perricone’s comments on the Times-Picayune newspaper’s website, NOLA.com resulted in Letten’s resignation and several new trials.

Times have changed. Ten years ago, this exact sort of behavior resulted in a wrist slap.

After Hurricane Katrina, multiple people with the Army Corps of Engineers engaged in the same behavior as Mr. Perricone did.

Specifically, corps personnel – persons in a position of public trust -– were disguising their identities, pretending to be objective onlookers and using NOLA.com’s user-engagement features to viciously attack anyone who criticized the corps.

One of their targets was me and the grassroots group which I founded with my fifteen year old son after the levees broke.

Right from the beginning, was heavily critical of the corps for its design mistakes.

It appears that, in response, the corps dedicated considerable resources attempting to discredit me and anyone who supported the fledgling grassroots group.?The motive was clear.

There was a lot of money at stake.

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Photos of Search & Rescue needed for Flooded House Museum

Photo/Cheryl Gerber

is reaching out to its supporters for photos of Search and Rescue operations after the levees broke in New Orleans in August 2005.

Photos will be featured in the Flooded House Museum.

Photos must be owned by the donor.

The photos can be of professionals (e.g. fire department and/or National Guard) or citizens assisting.

Please send digital photos – including location and date – to sandy@

OTHER NEWS: On Saturday March 23, 2019, will cut the ribbon on the Flooded House Museum in the Filmore Gardens neighborhood of Gentilly by the London Avenue Canal breach site. Volunteer artists are preparing to distress the staged exhibit of the museum located at 4918 Warrington Drive.

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